Remote Lessons

Students anywhere can get feedback on their playing any time!

Remote lessons…
- Help students prepare for a big audition or polish an important performance
- Supplement students’ regular in-person lessons with a fresh set of eyes and ears
- Allow students who don’t have access to a lesson teacher to perform for a professional percussion educator

Remote lessons are NOT intended to replace regular in-person lessons for students already taking them.

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how it works

Each student is assigned their own Google Drive folder. The student uploads copies of videos as well as audio and/or video recordings of their performances, and notifies the teacher that there are new performances ready for feedback. The teacher responds with notes, recordings, videos, analysis, and other documentation and feedback. The use of recordings as a teaching medium gives students the opportunity to see, hear, and reflect their own performance as well as hear the teacher’s feedback.

Learn on your Schedule

The ease of technology means that lessons happen only when the student is ready to perform - and can fit in the student’s schedule whenever they have free time. No more trying to squeeze an extra lesson in between school, athletics, and family events! The student can access feedback 24/7, and because only the student and the teacher can access the Google Drive folder, it’s 100% private.

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You pay only for the time you use

Students pre-purchase the teacher’s time by the hour, and only pay for the time the teacher spends reviewing and responding to the student’s materials. Because the student selects and sends their own recordings, you don’t pay for bad run-throughs or extra reps, or lose valuable instructional time because of a traffic jam or poor Skype connection. Unused time can be refunded or applied forward to the next lesson.


Interested? Contact me for availability and more information!