The key component to a successful arts program is understanding how to create structures, systems and standards that ensure student success, regardless of circumstance.  I love chatting about how to help students experience the best of what a quality music education program has to offer them - hit me up for some shop talk any time!  Below, and throughout the site, are a few resources to help stoke your pedagogical fires.


Step 1: Understand your priorities

What is most important to you that students learn during their time in your program?


Step 2: Understand your environment

What are required elements in your program/year?  (These might be All-State auditions, the Veteran's Day assembly, spring concert, etc.)  How will you utilize these events to promote to program's priorities, and how will you make time for things that may not fit?


Step 3: shape your year

Given how much time you have, how will you set up your daily, weekly, and long-term processes to lead students to success?